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MangaLabo is an easy-convenient comic illustration tool
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MangaLabo is an easy-convenient comic illustration tool. You can handle the overall steps, Draft->Panel Layout->Ink Sketching->Tone Placing->Comic Organizing, with MangaLabo.
MangaLabo is suitable to all levels from beginners, amateur cartoonists, to professional cartoonists.

DELETER Tones, that is supported by many cartoonists, are included (for 600dpi). You can easily create your original tone by recording an image as pattern!

You can create a fine brush without showing roughness in any resolution. Depending on how you use the brush style, such as a hand-drawn blurry pen stroke or a stroke with scattering stars, you can widen an expression way of your illustration.

Main Features :

- Easy to manage dialogues by using an editable text object!
- Frame line object and super high speed panel layout!
- Easy to insert and adjust a base image!
- Set up a work space flexibly! Equipped with a 3D perspective function!
- Fast to display a high resolution image for printing!
- Easy to work in grid and to work on pixel units!

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